Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cole's Second Birthday
Cole celebrated his 2nd birthday with a pool party at the Springdale Country Club. He was so excited about all his new toys! He tried to take them all into the baby pool.
Cole's big gift from Mom and Dad and help from Nonna and Poppie is his 4-wheeler. He loved it!

Thursday, May 29, 2008


We took both boys on our first family vacation last week to San Antonio, Texas with my brother and his family. We had a great time. First we went to the Inter Space Caverns, then on to Sea World and ended up at the US largest water park. Cole played his little heart out at the water park. Sea World was a little too big for his age right now but mom and dad liked it. My oldest nephew turned seven so we had a birthday party for him at the Rain forest restaurant on the River walk.

Cole and Jackson were two peas in a pod. What ever Tristan did, Jack did and what ever Jack did Cole had to do. Poor Hayden, when he gets a little bigger does not stand a chance.

We had a wonderful time! Check out the pics. I think Jon and I need a little vacation from the vacation. We are off to Kansas City next weekend to celebrate our five year anniversary. I am so excited!

I just love these two pictures of Hayden, he was such a little trooper on the trip.
Well it's been a few weeks since I updated the site and so much has happened. First was Mother's Day. This year was extra special to me. For one now I have two beautiful little boys and two Hayden was dedicated at church on Mother's Day.

Also reflecting on Mother's Day, right after I updated the site about my G'ma visit to meet Hayden we found out she has cancer. Truth be told my heart is broke. I love my grandmother so very much. She has been such a ROCK in my life. I grew up just a stone throw from her and my G'pa. All my life I think I have taken for granted what a wonderful woman and Godly lady she is. I used to love to hear her each night pray for me and I can't count the number of times knowing she was praying for me got me through one trial or another. Well I am trying very hard not to cry right now so to end on a good note, here are the pictures from the dedication and Mother's day.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Meeting my Great Grandma!

On April 12th Hayden met his Great Grandma Sarratt for the first time. Hayden is my Grandma (AKA Melba) 19th Great Grand Child and I am her tenth Grandchild. My Grandma was a HUGE influence on me growing up. She taught me to cook, read the bible and pray. One of my favorite memories a little girl was staying at Grandma and Grandpa's old farm house and every night you could hear them praying for everyone in the family, all 5 kids, their spouse, their kids, our neighbors, people on town. But the thing about those prayers, I will never forget is the comfort of knowing each night, still to this day, my grandma is praying for me and my family. I pray my children, their children and their children can say the same about me.
This is my Aunt Brenda, my father's babysister, (my family claims we are two peas in a pod). She came in from California to bring my G'ma over to see Hayden.
This is my little cousin Jadyn, She is my cousin Susan's daughter, she is worth her weight in GOLD as a babysitter. Me and my brother will be fighting over her this summer at the family reunion. I am already lobbying her mother to let her stay a week with me this summer!!!

Cole Greffen and Jon Hayden are getting bigger every day. Here are a few picutres from our Easter this year. I love the one of the boys together.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Just a few pictures of Hayden

He is growing like a weed. He now weighs 13 lbs. 2 oz.
Cole off to his first day at Preschool

With the addition to Hayden to the family, Jon and I decided to change Cole's school to something a little more education driven and closer to our home. He has started a Christian Preschool on Wednesday's and Friday's. These are two pictures from his first day.

I cried! Cole (my future Governor) just walked right in like he owned the place. I think he gets that from his daddy! :)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Last week Springdale got it's first snow of the new year! Schools were closed so Daddy played hooky from work and took Cole out for some good old fashion fun in the snow. Cole loved it so much that now we have a little bit of a runny nose!

Friday, January 25, 2008

The future Tiger Woods Here!

Cole has always loved Golf, his favorite thing to do when he has been in the house all day is to go for a ride on Daddy's Beep Beep (aka the golf cart). The trouble is he always wants to play with Jon's really nice Golf Clubs and that gets Mommy in a lot of trouble with daddy. :) So Poppie to the rescue. Dave found Cole is very own club. He just hasn't figured out that the object is to hit the ball not carry the ball and the club around yet!
Mommies's Little Frog!
I just love these pictures of Hayden so I have to post them up! The one of him crossing his eyes just made me laugh. He was trying to follow my hand with his passie.
He is gaining weight each day, by my home scale he weighs in at 8 lbs. 3 oz. We don't go back to the doctor until our 2 month check up. So we will see then how much he has grown!

Becoming close brothers!

Cole and Hayden are getting to know each other more every day. Cole loves to kiss Hayden and now Hayden has started opening his mouth when Cole kisses him.

Cole has also become Mom's Big Helper! He thinks Hayden passie should always be in his mouth. I have to watch him real close! :)

Also, this week we took Hayden to meet his Papaw Train (Jon's Grandfather on Shay's side). Grandad was so excited he started taking pictures as soon as we walked into the restaurant.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Turning 30!!I tried to forget about it but I turned 30 this past Sunday! My father was here to visit and to see Hayden for the first time. Turning 30th has been a little hard on me.

Jon got me a great cake from our friend Jeannee Rodgers. She makes the best cakes and sweets. If you are in NWA with a sweet tooth, you should check out here sweets. Jeannee's website is

Cole could not keep his little fingers out of the cake, here he is licking icing off the side. YUM!!!

Please excuse me not looking my best. Hayden has been keeping his mommy up all night. But my 30th birthday has come and gone!! YEAH